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Which Foundation Is Better For Black People?

by Anita

Q: Hi. I want to know which foundation is suitable for black ladies with dark skin color?

I have tried Mary Kay, but seems like I cannot find my right color.

Can you help me?

A: Hi Anita. Being a dark skinned black woman myself I can totally relate to your problem.

Our skin is so complex when it comes to the undertones, having to deal with the problem of "ash", issues with oiliness and several other things.

That said, I've tried many types of foundations and this is my conclusion.

The two best forms of foundation for black skin are.

Mousse - Maybelline dream matte mousse is excellent and come in a variety of shade that compliment different tones very well.

I have 2 shade of "dark"...Caramel and Cocoa. I use them depending on the time of year and how much time I've spent in the sun as my color varies.

Mineral - The powders mineral makeup might sound scary because you hear the word "powder" and think ash, but if you get minerals that are will blended and highly pigmented they actually blend seamlessly into the skin.

I love them because they are actually good for the skin as well and won't clog pores and cause problems like many other types of foundation.

One last option that you can try is to local a "Prescriptives" makeup counter near you and have a color analysis done.

They can match your skin exactly and custom blend a foundation just for you.

If you are one of the rare beauties that has an extremely hard color to match, this would be the perfect option for you.

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