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Which Foundation Is Best For Black Skin?

by Diamond
(Dayton,Ohio US)

Which Foundation Is Best For Black Skin?

I am just starting to wear make-up but I don't know which product would work for my skin and complexion.

There is so many to choose from and I want to choose the right one that makes me look natural and pretty not nasty looking, fake and plastic.

Camille's Answer

Hi Diamond. Congrats on getting started in the world of makeup. It's a fun journey and the wonderful thing about it is that if you find yourself going in the wrong direction you can just wash it all off and start over.

Some of the lines of makeup that cater to black skin tones are....

- Mary Kay
- Iman
- Maybelline
- Covergirl

There are many others but this is a good place to start.

The only thing you need to make sure of when you pick a foundation is that it's right for your skin type and it matches your complexion flawlessly.

Application Tips

The key to making your foundation look natural and not "nasty and fake" is in the application even more so than the foundation itself.

You want to use a sponge applicator or a foundation brush (I prefer a brush) and on moisturized skin you want to apply a little foundation to your forehead, cheeks and chin then you want to blend outward.

Make sure you start off lightly and add more if you need it later.

Also the goal is not to plaster your skin with makeup so it can't breathe, but just to even out your complexion and hide any dark areas.

The best makeup is when the truth beauty of your skin gets to shine trough.

I's like to suggest that you hit the mall and go to a beauty counter and have one of the makeup artists help you choose your perfect match foundation and also show you the best application technique for the type you buy.

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