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When Do I Wash My Dreads

Q: My dreads have been in for two months and they are about 3 to 5 inches long.

They were done with the double twist method and I want to know if I should wash them, and if not...when?

A: Four months sounds like more than enough time for your locks to be set enough to wash them.

When I first had mine started I washed my hair within the first week.

If you are afraid of them unraveling what you can do is put an old stocking foot over your hair before you wash it and wash your hair through it.

That will help to keep your hair together and basically just let the shampoo and water run through your hair without running the risk of them unwinding.

Once your done with the wash, spray your hair with a mixture of leave-in conditioner and water. This will help to keep your dreads moisturized and soft without adding any build up.

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