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What's An Easy Hairstyle To Maintain?

Q: What's an easy hairstyle to maintain?

I'm really bad when it comes to taking care of my hair and now its really damaged. My husband doesn't want me to cut it and of course it isn't long.

What can I do to my hair so that I don't have to add heat or chemicals to my hair everyday but still look professional?

A: I have two words for you. The first one is BUN and the second word is PONYTAIL.

I know many a life that has been saved by these two things (including mine!).

If you've never owned a fake ponytail or bun hairpiece that you can easily integrate with your own hair you don't know what you been missing.

Take a look at the pic above. Can you really tell that the ponytail isn't mine? And even if you know it isn't can you honestly say it doesn't look good? :D

Protective hairstyles like phony pony's, buns, wigs etc give your hair a break to help it grow and look fantastic and pulled together at the same time.

Check these pages out for more ideas.

Protective Hairstyles
How To Do A Weave Ponytail

And a friendly word of advice, If you decide to get one don't ever let your hubby pull on it! lol

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straw set
by: Anonymous

How about a straw set

Easy Hairstyle
by: fonda12

Some people do not have long enough hair to put into a ponytail or a bun attachment. For those people the best hairstyle is the wrap if it is done correctly. You wrap it at night and comb it down in the morning. You also wrap it up during exercise and let it dry and comb it or brush it back to your style.

Braid set - easy to do style
by: Anonymous

A braid set is perfect! After washing your hair put your favorite mousse or setting lotion on your hair; comb it through.

Cornrow your hair in about 5 to 8 rows (the larger the cornrow the larger the wave pattern will be)going back (form the forehead to the back of the neck). Spray your hair with a shine product. Sit underneath a hooded dryer until your hair is fully dry.

Once dry, undo the cornrows and comb through your hair with your fingers (don't use a comb!) to cover up any parts that are showing. Your hair should have a nice wave pattern. This style normally lasts about 5 days. Use a holding spray (spritz) to prolong the style.

Another Idea for you
by: Jill

I've used buns for styling ease, but the main thing damaged African American hair needs is MOISTURE.

If you're bad about hair care, try this: every 2 or 3 days, shampoo your hair, use a rinse-out conditioner and comb your hair out under the stream of the shower with a wide-tooth, smooth comb (avoid the dollar ones because the plastic invariably will have jagged seams between every tooth where the plastic is stamped together. I like Swiss Brand.) The water helps detangle.

Towel dry just a little and put some of your conditioner back on your hair as a leave-in treatment. The conditioner will help you control your hair when you put it back in the bun. You also have to be careful about your ENDS when using ponytails. They can get dry and crunchy if you're not treating the hair.

Twice a week, smooth a little pure castor oil on your ends. For your pampering day (make time, girl!), put a wee bit of castor oil on your scalp, then wash it out after a few hours. if you blow dry, you'll find the castor oil softens the hair and allows you to go longer between relaxers.

Good luck!

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