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What Styles Can I Do With Human Hair?

by Cassandra B.

Q: What styles can I do with human hair weave? Can you braid it, part it, curl it, wash it and gel it? I need to know if I can do all these things.

A: Hi Cassandra! The bottom line with this question is that once you're using human hair to do your weave you can do anything to it that you could with your own hair.

That includes everything you asked about before along with, hot curling it and flat ironing it (on a medium setting of course).

So have fun and go wild styling your weave hair. Just know that you'll probably end up having to use a new set of hair every time you take them out (which I'd recommend anyway) because of the hair getting 'worn out' and possible product buildup.

Hope this helps!

Comments for What Styles Can I Do With Human Hair?

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Sponge rollers
by: HAirCraZy!!

Is it true that I can use sponge rollers to get that full bouncy loose curl look?

Yes you can....
by: Camille

ANYTHING you can do with your own hair you can do with weave human hair...including using sponge rollers. :)

So go for it and let us know how it turns out!

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