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What Should I Do To My Hair For The Beach Or Pool?

by Tia
(New Jersey)

Q: I am going to Miami beach this weekend. I love to swim and usually have braids for trips like this but I am tired of braids and I hate taking them out.

My hair is quite thick so I can't simply blow it out after it gets wet.

What should I do with my hair, that will allow it to get wet but allow me to manage right after?

A: You're not going to like this but I strongly suggest you stick with braids in your situation.

If you don't want to have to hassle with doing your own hair after it gets wet there's no other option but braids to not have to deal with it in that state.

How about doing cornrows rather than individuals? Those go in really fast and come out even faster.

Another option is something that's called "micro-tie", where you micro braid just your hairline and then weave the middle of your hair so that when you wear it out or up it looks like your whole head is braided but it's very easy to take out because it's mostly a sew in.

Girl I know you're tired of it and all, but believe me, if not having to deal with your thick hair is the goal, spend the extra time getting it out of the way so you can have fun.

If not you'll be fighting it with the blow dryer and might end up doing more damage than anything.

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