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What Products Should I Use For Better Skin?

by Joy
(United Kingdom)


What products should I use for better skin?

My face looks so bad that when I use cleansers, scrub and toners, it darkens it. It makes my face have black patches.

When I use face powders, after a while my face gets oily even when people tell me I have dry skin. I have had skin experts tell me that I have dry skin yet my face is always oily.

Please what do I do?

Camille's Answer:

Hi Joy. I really can really feel the pain in your question.

First off can I say that I'm not a dermatologist, but it sounds to me like your problem is dehydration, not dryness.

It's very possible to have skin that's oily and dehydrated at the same time.

Some signs of dehydrated black skin are flakiness which when combined with the oil of your skin causes dark patches like you say you have. Your skin will also have a dull sallow look to it. Not vibrant and "alive".

I would suggest doing these things to increase the hydration of your skin.

1. Drink more water (up to 12 glasses a day).

2. Eat more high water content vitamin rich food like fruits, veggies and their juices.

3. Make sure you get enough essential fatty acids in your diet (healthy fats like peanut butter and olive oil).

4. Stay away from harsh drying skin products and use natural products like African black soap and organic Shea butter (this will keep your face properly hydrated).

5. Never wash your face with hot water.

6. You still need to exfoliate your skin, but not
with anything too harsh.

Try using crushed aspirin tables or BC powder mixed with water to exfoliate lightly once or twice a week. This is much more gentle than the regular scrubs.

Try these hydrating facial recipes.

Once you can bring the moisture back in your skin you should see the oiliness calm down and your tone in the dark areas start to return to normal.

Give it 6-8 weeks to see a real difference.

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