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What Kind Of Brush Should I Use?

by Sonya

My Bad Hair

My Bad Hair

Q: What is the best kind of brush to use on my hair? My hair is short to medium length, thick and very coarse.

Plastic bristles tear out my hair, soft bristles do nothing.

A: First of all...your hair isn't "bad". I don't want to hear you say that ever again.

Your hair just needs some TLC, the right products and tools and you'll see how fabulous it is.

As for the brush. The best type for you to use is called a paddle or vent brush.

This has long rubber bristles with bulbs on the end that stimulate your scalp, and also have enough space between the bristles to detangle your hair.

Boar bristle brushes should be reserved for smoothing the top of your hair, but to really get in the and make a difference you need a good paddle or vent brush.

You can check your local beauty supply store or to find great brushes like this.

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