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What Do I Need To Start A Makeup Business?

by Onyedikachi
(Festac, Lagos State, Nigeria)


What do I need to start a makeup business?

I want to start a little makeup business and need to know the first set of makeup equipment to buy.

Camille's Answer:

Hi there! That's awesome that you want to start a makeup business. Here are the bare basics of what you need to start a makeup business.

1. A quality set of makeup brushes.

This should include all the brushes I mention on this page on makeup brushes.

2. 3-5 Shades of foundation.

This depends on your clientele of course, but you need to have a few different shades. If you gain the skill you can mix different shades together to make custom colors.

3. An eyeshadow pallet.

Get one with as many colors as possible. You want a nice balance between neutral colors and vibrant shades. If you're going to be doing mostly makeup for dark skin black women stay away from pastel colors.

4. Cheek color pallet.

Should have 4-6 shades of blush.

5. Concealer pallet.

3-4 Shades to compliment your foundations.

6. Loose powder.

3 Shades, light, medium and dark.

7. Lip colors, eye pencils, mascara.

You'll need as many of these as you can get. Have a good balance between strong and subtle colors. Go heavier on the neutral shades and have a few strong shades.

Find out some more about what you need by looking at this page on makeup application tips.

Of course this is just scraping the surface. By the time you build your business up you'll have a suitcase full of makeup.

Hope this helps and good luck with your new business!

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