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What Do I Do With My Hair At The Gym?

by Sharon H
(Houston, TX )

Q: Hello I wear my hair in short layered bob and I just started the gym and not quite sure what to do with my hair and how to maintain it when sweating?

Any suggestions? The only ones I have heard is sew some hair in or get braids which there is nothing wrong with. I just didn't want to spend extra trying to get into shape.

A: Hi girl. I can so relate to what you're going through. It's one thing to pay money to get in shape but sometimes the hair suffers along with the whole thing.

What I used to do is that before I hit to gym I'd wrap my hair and tie it with a silk scarf like I would before I go to bed. Then over that I'd put a cute bandana that would cover the scarf so no one would see it.

I'd then do my workout and after a while when my scalp has sort of dried off I'd unwrap my hair and go about my business.

That's the best alternative to weave or braids if your hair is relaxed.

If your hair is just long enough, you could also try gelling it back and putting on a phony pony (weave ponytail) on the days you are doing your workout. That way you can look cute and maintain a style at the same time.

One thing is for're looking at washing your hair more often once you start the gym on a regular basis. Once ever 3-4 days is best for your hair's health and looks!

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Gym Hair Solution
by: Anonymous

Brazilian Keratin Treatment works great! It is the answer to wet gym hair.

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