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What Can I Use To Fade My Stretch Marks?

by Sonya

Q: Is there no "miracle cure" for my stretch marks?

I used cocoa butter, stretch mark cream and every lotion on the market when I was pregnant and I still got very bad stretch marks!

I would love nothing better than to wear a bikini minus the mid-riff cover up. Do you have any suggestions that will work?

A: Hi Sonya.

You aren't going to like what I have to say but it's the truth.

There are no miracle cures for stretch marks! No matter what anybody tells you. If you are prone to them there's very little you can do to stop them from coming, be it through pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss.

In fact I know people who have never been overweight and have stretch marks. It's just an unfortunate part of many women's lives.

I'll tell you what though. If you keep on using your body butters and give it time, your marks will become paler and less noticeable.

Until about trying to wear a bathing suit with a sexy back or a hot one shouldered style?

There are lots of ways to look hot without showing a lot of skin.

Use your imagination and stop feeling bad about your stretchmarks. Always remember that you have you beautiful child/children to show for it!

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