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What Can I Use To Clear Pimples And Black Spots?

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What can I use to clear pimples and black spots?

I am a black male and I have pimples every now and then and I have black spots on my face from previous pimples or acne (I used to pop my pimples so it left scars).

I'm older now and don't understand why I'm still getting pimples and the black spots on my face aren't disappearing.

I wash my face twice a day and I use these products.

- Clearasil facial scrub
- Mederma
- Vaseline cocoa butter lotion

Are these the right products to use?

I wash my face at night with the Clearasil and then put the Mederma on afterward. In the morning I use the Clearasil then put the lotion on.

I have read other people questions that you have previously answered and I'm going to buy the Shea butter lotion.

Now my questions are:

1. Am I using the right products?
2. Am I using the right strategy?

If not, please tell me what to do cause this is getting ridiculous. Its been to long!

Please let me know what products to get too if those aren't the ones.

And I hope people read this and I hope it helps for other people.

Thank You for your help.

Camille's Answer:

Can I please just say that this is the best question I've ever gotten in terms of the details you've provided for me. Thank you very much because this helps me to understand more of what's going on with your skin.

To answer your questions.

First I would say that your "strategy" is perfect. You're doing a cleansing and moisturizing routine twice a day,
morning and night and this is very good for healthy skin.

Now the second part is much more tricky. The products to use. As you've read already, I'm a big supporter of natural products.

I find that a lot of the over the counter acne treatments are way too harsh for black skin. Sometimes these products irritate the skin and actually cause acne to flare up.

The Vaseline cocoa butter body lotion has no business being used on your face. That lotion is way too heavy and actually has some things in it that can clog pores causing more acne.

Please get some Organic Shea butter. Not some off the shelf shea butter lotion but real organic shea butter. Let me take a picture of what I'm talking about so you can see it.

Image Hosting by

Get your hands on some African black soap as well. That stuff is a miracle. It's gentle, balances your skins moisture levels out and helps to clear out acne and dark spots.

Maderma is good for healing scars nicely but won't do much for your dark spots. I would add exfoliation to your regimen. That's what will help to even out your skin tone again.

Get one of the St. Ives facial scrubs and use it 2-3 times a week. Massage it over your skin when you have your shower to help loosen up blackhead and unblock pores.

Give the over the counter stuff a break and use these for a month or two and you'll see a nice difference in your skin. To see a dramatic difference stick to it for 4-6 months.

Once your skin clears stay with it to maintain.

Hope this helps!

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