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What Can I Use To Clear Black Scar Marks?

What can I do to clear black scar marks?

I've got black marks all over my face from spots that have left scars.

I want to get rid of them forever but without surgery what is out there? I have mixed race skin.

Please help.

Camille's Answer:

The solution to having smooth even toned skin is three fold.

1. Stop whatever is causing your skin to scar.

If you have acne scaring you have to address the acne pimples first before you do anything else. If you keep getting marks as fast as you're trying to fade them it will seem like you're making no progress.

2. Exfoliate and renew.

Dark marks happen when skin is irritated and melanin builds up in the cells as a reaction to the irritant.

You could try bleaching creams to get rid of the color but those are very bad for your skin. The better way is to exfoliate your skin gently every day to get rid of the melanin filled cells and reveal fresh new "normal colored" skin.

3. Have patience, patience and more patience.

No matter what you do/use scaring and dark marks take time to go away so don't expect an overnight miracle.

If you're truly uncomfortable with the way your skin looks, use makeup to hide the scars. Be careful though because if you have acne wearing makeup often could make it worse.

Look for cleansers and moisturizers that have glycolic and alpha hydroxy acids in them. Those will help your skin cells to renew faster.

Also check out lactic acid. It helps to even skin tone when used as a treatment once or twice a week.

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