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What Can I Use For My Hair After Working Out?

Q: I work out 5 days a week, 60-90 minutes a day. My hair is wet when I finish working out.

When I get home, I put some kera care moisturizing cream dress on it. I let it air dry. When it dries, it is dry. I wash it once a week. The products that I use is aphogee 2 minute keratin conditioner, affirm moisturizing shampoo and affirm 5-1 conditioner.

Before I get a relaxer, I use aphogee protein treatment. If needed what kind of leave in conditioner should I use to stop my hair from drying out?

I have fine hair. Please help.

A: Hi There. I'm very happy about the products that you use on your hair because they are some of the best quality ones for maintaining your hair's health and strength.

You hair is dry after your workout because when you sweat salt and other products of your body come out along with the water.

When it dries it leaves a kind of coating on your hair that can cause it to feel dryer than normal and also very stiff. That's why it's important for you to wash your hair often when you work out a lot.

The more you sweat the more you'll have to wash and condition it. I suggest that you start washing your hair every 3-4 days.

As for a leave in conditioner, I recommend you find one that has extra moisturizing properties in it. Also, it seems like you use a lot of protein on your hair.

If your hair isn't damaged and in need of intensive repair, using protein conditioners should be a once every 4-6 week thing and not every wash. You should also be very careful to balance that protein with deep moisturizing conditioners (sit under the bonnet dryer with a plastic cap and conditioner in your hair for 30 minutes).

One thing you can try is after you have your workout, do a conditioning wash (basically wash your hair with only conditioner) rinse your hair thoroughly apply a leave-in conditioner like the one from Africa's Best. Wrap your hair and dry it under a bonnet for softer easier to manage hair the next day.

It's a lot of work but worth it if you love your hair.

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