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What can I use for my dark spots?

by Victoria

I'd like to know what I can use for my dark spots and I was wondering if you can help me.

Ever since I had my two daughters I noticed my skin has really got darker than it used to be especially my face which is a lot darker than my body.

I use an anti aging 2 in 1 cleaner morning and night, exfoliate
twice a week and moisturize after cleansing but my dark spots still remain.

Can you please advise me and if possible recommend a product I can use to fade these dark spots and even my skin tone to match my body.

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Sounds like Melasma
by: Camille

It sounds like the darkness you have in your skin is from Melasma (aka mask of pregnancy) that some women get when they're pregnant and tends to stick around even after the baby is born.

You already have a good skin care routine going but I'd like to know which moisturizer you're using and if it has at least SPF 30 in it.

Let me know and I'll tell you about something you can try that might help turn your skin around.

Waiting to hear from you!

What can i use for my dark spots
by: Victoria

At present am using Avon rich moisture cream, it contains botanical extract and vitamin e. Before I had my seven months old i was on Boots No 7 Age Rewind SPF 15 day cream. I have never thought of using a higher SPF cream.

Yes higher SFP and this...
by: Camille

Hi Victoria,

A problem with dark marks is that any exposure to sun makes the worse and prolongs the problem so it's always recommended to avoid the high sun hours and wear an SPF of 30 or higher when you're going to be out in the elements.

The products you use a pretty good for renewing the skin but have you ever thought about doing a series of light skin peels?

I'm not talking about going broke at the dermatologist either and getting it done for a hefty sum. There are actually peels out there you can do at home that are just as effective as the ones you can do at the doctors office for a fraction of the price.

The specific peel you should look into is lactic acid. A bottle that can give you about 20 applications (5 months worth) costs around $15.

You have to be very careful and follow the instructions though and along with it use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.

Check out this website for more information particularly these pages....

I'm not a big advocate of chemicals in general, but when used correctly skin peels have the ability to really help discoloration, texture and tone problems with our sensitive (and sometimes frustrating) skin!

After you check the site out make sure you come back and talk to me before you do anything else!

Thank You Message
by: Anonymous

Dear Camille thank you very much for helping me with my skin, I've find your site very useful especially the post your comment section. I did not buy the Lactic acid but I decided to use Shea butter and extra virgin olive oil after I read one of your skin care tips.
My spots are beginning to fade and my skin looks even. I was amazed most especially when I started to see a difference in my skin just after 3 days.I cannot thank you enough.

Please continue to send me your free newsletter, the last one I got was for April. It will be nice if you can send May issue as well.

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