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What Can I Do To Up Dark Spots From Pimples?

What Can I Do To Up Dark Spots From Pimples?

I have sensitive skin and sometimes pimples come.I tend to pop the pimple and then after healing,they leave a dark spot. What can I do to prevent the spotting?

Camille's Answer

In your case the answer it simple. Don't pop your pimples!

When we try to force the gunk out of a pimple it requires squeezing the heck out of your face.

Being that you have sensitive skin that guarantees you a big dark spot once the area heals up.

Leave your skin alone and when you have a pimple put a clay mask or a pimple drying formula on it and it will dry up and fall off on it's own and leave no dark marks. if it still does leave a dark mark it will fade much faster than if you squeeze the pimple.

For the spots you do have now. If you have acne that pops up a lot, get that under control first then exfoliate regularly and use a moisturizer with alpha hydroxy acids in it and those spots will fade in no time.

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