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What Can I Do To Remove Black Marks Off Legs?

by Anonymous

Q: Since childhood I have had a lot of black marks on my thighs and foot from mosquito bites, break-outs and cuts and bruises. They look very disgusting and I'm fair skinned they show up a lot!

I'd like to know what safe product is out there for me to use to TOTALLY get rid of these marks?

Camille's Answer:

Hello Anon. The issue of black marks and dark spots on the legs is serious and I know first hand how it can hurt your self esteem in a big way.

The bad news is that spots on the legs are much harder to fade than spots on the face because the skin quality is much thicker.

Bleaching creams are a big no no because they can do more harm than good to your skin.

The best way to treat the spots is by using peels to gently remove the older top layers of skin. As they get stripped away the pigment will go with it and you'll be left with smooth even toned skin.

The good news is that the spots can fade, but if you're looking for immediate results rather than waiting for them to fade on their own you'll need to visit a dermatologist to get medical strength peeling and resurfacing products and treatments.

Along with that though it wouldn't help to use a combination or shea butter and vitamin E oil on your skin. This helps to fade spots gradually even though it won't happen over night!

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Hello The Same Question..
by: Anonymous

Hello. My name is Raven and I was wondering does Shea butter and vitamin E oil take away old dark cuts and bruises from legs and arms?

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