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What Can I Do To Reduce Oil On My Face?

by Clara

Q: I have a very oily face and it doesn't keep make up. what can I do reduce oil on my face which wouldn't led be keep a pretty face all day?

A: Hi Clara. Girl you and I definitely can relate on this one. I have oily skin as well and it took me a very long time to figure out to how keep the oil under control and keep my makeup on my face.

To fight the oil to have to take a double sided approach. Here are some things you can try.

From the inside

1. Drink more water. As simple as this sounds it really works.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and white flour. Keeping your system pure helps out a lot with your skin quality and oil production.

3. Take a B5 vitamin 1-2 times a day. B5 vitamins help to regulate the oil production in your skin. Another great side effect is the reduction of acne (if you have any).

From the outside

1. Use a clay mask on your face for an hour every other night. This helps to dry up oil and clear blemishes.

2. Use a mattifying primer on your skin before you put your makeup on. This helps to soak up oils in your skin and smooth out uneven texture before your foundation goes on.

3. Use oil blotting papers to keep your skin fresh during the day. These are sometimes called "rice paper" and are very easy to use. You just take a sheet out and press it onto your skin in the oily parts and the paper will soak up all the oils on the surface of your skin.

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