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What Can I Do To Make My Armpits Lighter?

by Ashley K.


What can I do to make my armpits lighter?

Hi I'm 16 years and feel very uncomfortable with my dark armpits. They weren't always dark. It started during puberty when I got armpit hair.

I also have one more question is there a way to get rid of pimples and discoloration on your back?

I have tried so many products for acne that I have honestly given up.

My face is the main problem. It clears up but the acne comes back. Whatever I use either makes my skin dry to the point where it gets irritated and starts peeling or to oily.

The discoloration on my face is horrible. Can you help me come up with a skincare routine?

I love your website I'm so happy I found it, it's honestly giving me hope!

Camille Answer:

Hi Ashley!

I'm glad you found my site as well and I'll be happy to help you come up with a skin care routine to get you some results.

Now to your questions.

Dark Armpits

The thing that usually causes armpits to get dark is combination of active sweat glands, hair growth and shaving irritation.

If sweat is your issue try using a clinical strength antiperspirant like the one from Secret.

The hair growth you can't do anything about because that's natures way.

If you've been shaving, you can try switching to waxing or a depilatory cream. Those hair removal techniques help to reduce the irritation and darkening.

Back Acne

Back acne is pretty common and you'd be surprised how easy it it
to clear up.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your back is covered when you're combing your hair. A lot of back acne is caused by scalp flakes coming in contact with your skin from combing and brushing.

If this is an issue drape a towel over your shoulders and back before you comb or brush your hair and treat your flakes with a shampoo and conditioner that have tea tree oil or another effective dandruff treatment in it.

One of the best things to use on back acne is a cotton ball soaked with Sea Breeze Astringent. It will help clear your body acne fast (I don't like it for the face though, way too strong and drying for most people including myself).

Dark Marks On Your Face

The best way to treat acne and dark marks I've found is using a combination of exfoliating, using African black soap to cleanse and organic Shea butter to moisturize.

The black soap helps clear out acne, balances the oils in your skin, and the Shea butter helps to fade the marks and hydrate your skin (but it doesn't make you oily).

I'll be adding some recipes for Shea butter skin creams and making your own soap in the coming weeks.

Make sure you either subscribe to my e-zine or RSS feed (top left of the screen) to get updates on the site.

Hope this helps and get back to me on exactly what you're using on your face now so we can come up with a plan that works. :)

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