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What Can I Do To Lighten My Skin?

by Foxy Tati
(New York)

What can I do to lighten my skin?

I have dark skin and would like to go a bit lighter. How do I do that?

Camille's Answer:

If you're naturally dark (without going into the sun)getting a lighter complexion can only be done by either using some kind of skin bleaching product on your skin or taking skin whitening tablets.

Skin bleaching products contain the active ingredients Hydroquinoine which basically kills the pigment cells in your skin.

This option isn't the best for several reasons.

1. It's messy.
2. It's time consuming.
3. Potential for skin problems and irritation.
4. Cases of skin cancer caused by long term use.

The skin lightening pills are fast becoming a more popular option because they are easy to take even the skin tone of your entire body and actually have antioxidant health benefits that are good for you overall.

It takes from two weeks to two months for most people to start seeing results.

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