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What Can I Do To Lighten Dark Pores?

by Mercel
(London, England)


I have dark pores on my legs. They are smooth and its not ingrown hair. Whether there is hair there or not they are dark. Please help me!

Camille's Answer:

Hi Mercel!

It's very natural and normal for some people to have large dark pores on their legs (my sister is just like you). It's no different from someone having naturally darker finger nails or brown palms.

There's no way to lighten them that won't lighten your entire complexion (so you'll end up with the same effect).

The only thing you need to worry yourself about is keeping your skin soft and smooth. Besides, you're probably the only one who notices. :)

Always remember that you're beautiful just the way God made you, dark leg pores and all, so put your shorts on and walk with your head held high!

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