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What Can I Do To Fade Scars?

by Odette
(Feltre, Italy)

Q: While growing up I had a lot of small wounds on my legs as a result of mosquito bites that left me with scars.

I thought the scars would fade as I grow older. I'm 33 years old and now I'm ashamed to wear short skirts.

What can I do to clear my scars and even my skin color? Is there any body creme that helps?

A: Hi there. I can relate to your issues in a big way since I've been allergic to mosquitoes all my life and was affected in my younger days by bites.

To tell you the truth, the only thing that will make those scars fade is time. I know that's probably not what you want to hear, but for some reason skin on the legs takes much longer to come back to normal color than anywhere else on the body for some reason.

You shouldn't feel bad to wear your shorts and skirts though. What you can do is to wear longer styles of shorts and skirts so that your whole leg where the scaring is isn't exposed if you feel self conscious about it.

You can also focus on other parts of your body that you do like.

Love your arms? - Wear sleeveless more.

Love your back? - Wear a top with a deep cut in the back.

Have awesome abs? - Don't be afraid to show them off.

You can even wear form fitting clothes that are very attractive. Showing lots of skin isn't the only way to be sexy.

Be proud of yourself and continue to treat your skin well but keeping it moisturized and protected from any future mosquito bites.

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