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What Can I Do To Even Out My Skin?

Organic Shea Butter

Organic Shea Butter

Q: I have nice skin with no scars but my problem is skin discoloration. The color of my chest is lighter than my back, my underarms arms are dark. I don't want to bleach my skin, I just want even tone my skin. What kind of products do you recommend?

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Try These Tips...
by: Camille

A: Hi,

The great news is that you don't have any problems with your skin other than the discoloration. The not so good news though is that treating uneven skin tone is all about treatment and patience.

Your chest is lighter than your back because it's protected more under your clothes and the sun doesn't get a chance to darken it and the biggest culprit of dark underarms is shaving.

To start turning it around you can try doing these things (you have to stick to it though for it to work).

1. Hide your skin from the sun as much as you can. Tanning is overrated and it just darkens any kind of discoloration you have.

2. Start exfoliating your skin every time (or every other time) you have a shower. You can use a commercial scrub or make your own with a course salt or sugar.

3. Whip up a batch of extra virgin olive oil with a large chunk of organic Shea butter melted into it. Use this all over your skin everyday (twice if you want to) and it will gradually even your skin).

4. Use a hair removal creme under your arms or get them waxed and ditch the razor to get rid of the darkness there. Also use one of the special formulas designed to be used under your arms to keep the skin clear.

Help For Discoloration
by: bianca london

Hi, I have read a lot of information on this site and I think its a great site! I am very glad I came across it.

I suffer from acne scaring, just when I think it starts to clear up I get a break out from nowhere, it effects my self confidence a lot!

I have oily skin and my chest is lighter than my back. I am lucky that the shops where I live are in a 5 minute walking distance and supply all the products you suggest, I was just wondering if u can use Shea butter on your face?

I have never even heard of it before. Thank you for your time.

Camille's Answer

Hi Bianca!

Thank you for your kind words and I'm glad you enjoy the tips on this site.

To answer your question, yes, you can use Shea butter on your face and it's an excellent moisturizer. The secret is not to use a lot and really massage it into your skin until it's absorbed.

Use Shea butter and black soap regularly and you will see your acne dry up and your skin tone start to even out. If you have any problems with eczema you'll get relief from that as well.

Good luck!

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