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What Can I Do To Even My Complexion

by Coach K
(Kansas City, MO)

So Blotchy

So Blotchy

Q: What would you recommend using for very uneven skin tone and texture?

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Exfoliate and protect...
by: Camille

Hi Coach K!

I see that you have beautiful dark chocolate skin but of course as gorgeous as it is you’re fighting with a common complain of women of color which is uneven skin tone and texture.

A lot of us don’t know this but our skin doesn’t rejuvenate itself as fast as other ethnic skin types. That means a build up a dead skin cells and waiting weeks, months and years for dark marks and spots to fade after we get them.

The key to evening out your skin tone and texture is to exfoliate and protect.

Along with eating a healthy diet, drinking water and exercising, use these products to start seeing a difference in your skin.

- Gentle facial scrubs and cleaners
- Peel off masks
- Hydroxy acids

A big recommendation from me is the Oil of Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel System. I use it and love it. It works great to get the exfoliation going.

While you’re treating your skin you need to keep your skin protected from the sun or else it will start to get uneven with texture and color again. Always use a moisturizer with at least 15 SFP in it.

I’ve heard good things about the Aveeno line of moisturizers for brightening up and evening the skin. If you try one read the label to make sure it suits your skin type (oily, combination or dry).

If going the slow route isn’t for you and you want faster results I visit this website They have peel systems that can transform your skin in 1 week. Of course it costs more than pharmacy grade products but it’s results in a week vs 3-6 months of other treatments.

If you try these solutions remember to come back and tell me your results!

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