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What Can I Do To Clear My Acne?

by Zoe
(Zeist, Netherlands)


Hi Camille,

What can I do to clear my acne?

I've had problems with acne and blackheads since I was 14 and I'm 21 now.

The acne comes and goes leaving black spots behind. I've tried almost everything now,went to the doctor and all.

Nothing would help,or at least not permanently.

Last summer my mom bought me a black opal acne kit and I've used it for a while,but it dries out my skin so I stopped using it. Now I have no idea what to do or to use.

On the pictures I'm in the low acne period,so you won't see them very well and because of the acne I hate to take pics.

Do you have an idea what I could do to get rid of them for good?

I'm in need of help.

Camille's Answer:

Hi Zoe!

Thank you for posting your picture so I have a better idea of what you're talking about.

I can see that your dark spots are concentrated on your cheeks and chin and your forehead is relatively clear.

Some of those cheek spots look to me like you might have been picking at your acne and squeezing your face. If so, that's the number one thing that has to stop.

You are right to stop using anything that's drying your face out because that will only make things worse.

Here's what I suggest you do.

1. Start Clearing Your Acne From the Inside

sure you're eating healthy and drinking a lot of water daily.

Try to get at least half of your diet in the form of fruits and veggies. This will really help your skin and your whole bod for that matter.

Take B vitamins (especially B5 and B12 daily). They help to control oil production in your skin and clears bumps.

2. Use Natural Cleansers

Check out the oil cleansing method I posted on this page and also read more about African black soap and it's benefits to your skin.

All those harsh chemical cleansers are no good for our skin, especially if it's sensitive like yours.

3. Use Shea Butter To Moisturize And Tone

Organic Shea butter is one of the best things you could ever use on your face. The natural properties in it help to heal your skin, fade dark marks and improve the texture and quality.

Stay tuned to the site updates because I'll be posting recipes and how to instructions for making your own soap and moisturizer very soon.

4. Last But Not Least

Hope this helps for now, but one more thing.

Please SMILE!

I know your skin is giving you trouble right now and it's hard to face life happily when you're not feeling your best, but believe me, you are a beautiful person, acne or not.

Besides, there's nothing more attractive than a smiling face. Happiness helps your skin heal as well, so don't look so glum. :)

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