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What Can I Do To Clear Black Spots And Hyperpigmented Scars?

by Uty

What Can I Do To Clear Black Spots And Hyperpigmented Scars?


Hi I'm an African lady and since I was little had a lot of bites from sand flies and mosquitoes,these later resulted in wounds which healed and left off black spots and hyperpigmented scars which alternate on my skin in no particular matter especially on my hands,thighs and legs. Luckily my face is spared.

I've used a variety of products all to no avail. I'm no more where I'm exposed to these bites so I no longer I've these wounds unless I get hurt by something else like bruises or anything that tears my skin.

What can I do to fade these spots and scars? Thank you.

Camille's Answer

Hi Uty. I can totally relate to your issues with the skin spots and wanting to get rid of them.

The truth is that the only thing that will completely get rid of your dark spots is lots of exfoliation and time.

The dark spots are caused by batches of melanin bring activated when your skin gets, cut, bruised, or irritated by an allergen.

Of course you could try and "bleach" this color out of your skin but skin bleaching is usually not effective and it can damage your skin permanently.

Focus instead on exfoliating your skin with body scrubs, dry brushing and possibly a series of skin peels.

If you keep doing this while at the same time keeping your skin away from anything harmful and you'll see a big improvement in the color, texture and even tone.

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Bio Oil, Jan Marini
by: Furonda

Hi Uty,

I have black scars on my face and body caused by spots and skin irritation. i am using bio oil mixed with st Ives collagen elastin which is working wonders for fading the marks and softening my skin.

On my face I use Jan Marini lightening gel and bioglycolic cleanser which are natural products with no hydroquinone or damaging chemicals but they really work to heal the skin and remove scars. I would suggest that you speak to a dermatologist or skin care professional before using Jan Marini products so that you select the right product for your condition.

I hope this helps.

Clearing up Black spots and Hyperpigmentation
by: Dee

Hi, Divas

I'm pretty new to the site, but has found it to be quite informative. Okay, regarding the dark spots, remember everyones skin is different. But what works for me is Dr. Fred Summit's skin whitener, which can be purchased at your neighborhood Wal-mart. It is very greases, so I use it a night. But it works! I don't exfoliate alot, because even though it gets rid of the dead layers of skin, if your skin is sensitive this process over the course of time can leave it sore, and also strip it of the natural oils. And ladies your natural oils is what keeps the skin youthful looking. So I recommend, a facial wash suitable for your skin, an partner it with the Fred Summit skin whitener for the dark spots and scars.

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