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What Can I Do For Adult Acne And Facial Hair

by Tina Wilson
(Washington, DC)

I recently turned 39 and have struggled with acne for the past five years. I also have facial hair which has caused my self-esteem to diminish drastically.

I am tired of wearing make up to cover the scars and I'm tired of the stares I get when people think I'm not looking. I was once a super confident woman but now I find myself insecure and shying away from almost all the things I once enjoyed. I've tried the creams, antibiotics and Proactive but to no avail.

I love water although I need to drink more, eat fresh fruit and veggies EVERYDAY and sodas/meat are not a problem for me although I do crave sweets and bread, especially during that time of the month.

Please tell me how I can get healthy glowing skin again. I want to find my joy again!!

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Try Light Skin Peels
by: Camille


As I read your post I could really feel your pain.

Being someone who grew up with perfect skin and to have it all go downhill after age 21 (which is when we shouldn’t have to deal with things like that anymore) was very hard. So I can totally relate to being much older now and still having to fight to keep my face clear of acne.

Let me try to put your mind at ease by telling you that it’s not what you’re eating that’s causing the problems with your face.

It’s 100% hormonal and that’s hard to accept because we can’t control our hormones any more than we can control the color of our skin!

It’s fantastic that you eat healthy and drink water which is more than most people can say.
All that said there are a small handful of things that I find works for acne.

1. Gentle cleansing. – Sometimes the acne treatments can be harsh on our delicate skin and actually lead to more breakouts than anything. Choose something very mild that won’t over dry your skin. I prefer glycerin bars and liquids for this reason.

2. Use a hypo-allergenic, non-comedonic moisturizer on your face twice a day to keep it conditioned.

3. Use a deep pore cleansing mud mask 2-3 times a week until your skin clears up and 1-2 times a week once your skin is clear.

4. Continue to eat fruits and veggies and drink 10-12 glasses of water a day as often as you can.

5. Consider doing a series of light skin peels to help get rid of the acne, old acne scars and keep your pores free of clogging residues.

That last one is really important.

Anything you can do to keep your skin cells shedding and turning over will help to clear your acne, the marks and scars it leaves behind and also keeps your skin looking younger.

Check out this website for more information (lactic acid and salicylic acid specifically).

Re: the facial hair. I hate to admit it but I have some stuff growing out of my chin for the past few years and it both distresses and annoys me a lot. I’ve just personally used tweezers to pluck them out but I do notice that over time it leaves dark spots so I am seriously considering laser hair removal to take care of the problem.
You should look into that as a definite option.

I know it’s hard but with time, patience and doing a little bit of the right thing everyday your skin and self esteem can and will get better.

No matter what you think at the moment about yourself just remember that you are a beautiful person inside and out.

What kind of products and regimen are you using right now?

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