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What Can I Do About Unwanted Facial Hair?

by Lakieta

What can I do about unwanted facial hair?


As I get older,I'm getting more and more course hairs growing from my chin!

I have always tweezed, but now there is too many to pull and it is leaving marks.

Can dark skin handle electrolysis? Are there any other options?

Help! I cannot have my husband see me pull out a razor and just start shaving beside him!

Camille's Answer:

Oh my gosh, that last line in your post had me rolling. lol

I know what you mean girl. I hate to admit it, but I too have a bit of a hairy situation going on on my own chin (booooo).

You're right, tweezing the hairs out in the same spot over and over again does tend to leave dark spots. If it's just one or two it's not really so bad but when the hair start multiplying out of control it can become rather embarrassing.

How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair

Here are some of your options.

1. Electrolysis

I know people who have done this and it worked great for getting rid of the hairs. You might have to get more than one treatment to make them go away permanently though.

It's safe for black skin and doesn't leave any marks. It's not painful either (not a lot anyway).

2. Vaniqa

This is a creme that's said to get rid of facial hair. It's a prescription though so you'd have to see a Doctor about it.

Here's the website so you can find out more. Vaniqa

3. Laser Hair Removal

This is another option, but black skin has been known to have some not so great side effects from this treatment. Get a consultation if you're considering this one.

I'd do some thorough research on each of these options before making a decision.

Just say no to shaving with hubby! lol :)

Hope this helps.

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