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What Can I Do About Two-Toned Combination Skin?

by A. Williams
(Newport News, VA USA)

Question: What can I do about two toned combination skin?

Around my eyebrow is light, but I am a really dark-skin. Not only that I also have dry patches around my eyebrows, jawline, and cheeks.

On the other hand, when I don't put anything on my face, around my forehead, nose, mainly my t-zone area is super oily. I don't know how to balance all of that and I don't know how to deal with my raccoon eyes.

I would like to wear makeup, but I want to deal with my skin. I have attached a picture.

Come to my rescue

p.s. In this picture the flash really helped me out, but in reality I am really not that bright. I actually have darker skin.

Camille's Answer:

Hi Ms. A!

First I'd like to say that you're very lovely and have a beautiful smile (and your hair is amazing!).

Combination skin is a big issue for a lot of us black women including myself and like you said it can become very annoying.

You are very lucky in that you don't have any acne issues and it's just about balancing out your skin and getting a more even tone going.

The reason for the combination skin is just nature for the most part. The forehead, nose and chin just happen to be the oilier parts of the face while the rest can tend to dry out naturally.

The thing NOT to do is to start using a lot of powerful astringents in an attempt to try and dry up the oils because what your skin will do is panic and actually start producing MORE oils which is what you don't

What I'd like to suggest for you if you've never tried it before it oil cleansing. You can read more about it here.

Oil cleansing for natural black skin care and oil control.

It works wonders for many people with keeping their skin balanced and supple and cutting oil production way down.

As for the uneven skin tone, I would suggest that you start using an exfoliating scrub like the st Ives apricot with salicilic acid a few times a week.

I can see that you are dark skinnned but it seems like you might have a bit of a sun burn as well. Do you burn easily and/or spend a lot of time outdoors?

I've had to deal with that and it really does a number on your skin. Be sure to use sun screen whenever you have to go out and wear a wide brimmed hat. Even better, avoid the sun as much as possible.

Once you get your skin cells turning over (which both the oil cleanser and exfoliation will help with) you'll start to notice a smoother texture and a brighter more even tone to your skin.

Lastly, don't worry about under your eyebrows being light. It just happens sometimes. Mine are the exact same.

Also, kudos to you for wanting to take care of your skin before you start dabbling in makeup. It's the right thing to do. Of course when you get the skin under control and you're ready for the makeup we can talk. :)

You definitely should join us in our new BWBC online community so we can talk more about ways to improve your skin.

All the best for the new year!

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