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What Are Undertones?

What Are Undertones?

Hi, I'm 17 years old and I've been wearing makeup since my freshman year.

I wanted to know what undertones are and how they can play into my makeup. I think I'm a gold undertone.

Camille's Answer:

Undertones are the layer of color under the skin that help give it a certain hue.

For instance, my sister and I are both dark skinned, but I have more of a red undertone and she is more of a golden undertone.

This difference would explain why copper highlights look better on me while golden highlights work best for her.

With you having golden undertones this means you want to stick with makeup that has warm tones and stay away from cool tones.

Gold flecks in an eyeshadow would make you look vibrant where as silver might make you look ashy or powdery.

For your lips a bronze or golden pink would look great on you where as a mauve or baby pick might make you look washed out.

It's all about working with your undertones to look your best.

The easiest test is to apply the makeup in question to your skin and if it makes it/you "come alive" it's a good pick. If it makes it/you look "flat or dull" do yourself a favor and put it back on the shelf.

Hope this helps.

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