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Wet And Wavy Weave Styling Options

by Philicia
(Saint Lucia)

Beyonce Curly Weave

Beyonce Curly Weave

Wet And Wavy Weave Styling Options?

I really love the wet and wavy weave look you have on your page with Beyonce wearing the two colors. I really want to put wet and wavy weave but I don’t know what to do. I absolutely HATE the center part look on me.

I want to be able to but my hair up without being afraid of the tracks showing, could u offer a suggestion to me, that I can give my hair dresser when putting the hair?

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Some tips for the style...
by: Camille

Hi Philicia!

I love that hairstyle too and I can totally understand why you feel the way you do. Center parts aren’t for every face and who wants to be stuck in a “one look” hairstyle for the whole time you have it in anyway right?

You can give your stylist these suggestions to make sure you can switch your style up with this look.

Before you get into it though you need to think about the different ways you’ll be wearing your hair throughout the time you have the style in.

- All back?
- With a side part?
- Half up, half down?
- In a full updo?

After you’ve figured that you what your stylist will need to do is to part your hair into section that’ll allow you do wear each style you want without exposing the weave track.

Then they need to leave a one inch section of hair out around the area that are going to be weaved so that when you do part it, nothing shows but the hair that’s surrounding the weave! The key here is to only weave the part that won’t be seen...the “inner” parts of the hairstyle.

On the sections that you part out, you can leave your hair loose and then use a crimping iron to blend your hair with the wet and wavy hair. The other option is to cut some hair off of the weave track and micro braid the areas that are left out at the base and leave the length loose so it blends with the rest of the hair that’s left out.

That way you’ll be able to part your hair any which way you please without the track showing!

Added Bonus: Your butt won’t go numb sitting in the chair for hours because 80-90% of your hair would have been done with a weave track!

I have to know!!
by: Anonymous

That hair does not look like the other wet and wavy hair I have seen before. I really like the way it looks.Its curly looking. Did she buy it like that? If not how did she get it like that?

by: Anonymous

Q: What are those two colors that Beyonce is wearing? I love them!

A: I believe it's #2 and #33 but don't quote me on that!

It's gorgeous
by: Anonymous

Q: What type of weave is that?

A: Wet and Wavy.

is that a specific type name weave?
by: ladytay

Q: I want go by it today How do I make it shiny like the wet look?

A: I'm not sure of the brand of weave in this picture. As for the "wet look" you can get it buy using curling mousse and hair gloss or serum together. You'll get a wet look with some serious hold.

by: Anonymous

Q: What brand of hair was use for Beyonce hair...because this is very curly than regular wet and wavy.

A: I have no idea what the exact brand of hair is that's used in this particular picture.

What you can do actually is print out the picture, take it to your local beauty supply store and window shop. It's one of my favourite past times and you'll learn a lot at the same time.

Just one thing...if you end up becoming a product junkie like me don't blame me please!

I'll offer you support anytime you want for your habit. :)

its not wet and wavy
by: Anonymous

It's not wet and wavy and trust me I know I'm a weave junkie. It's called afro spiral.

A: Thanks for sharing your insight anon. I've never seen that type of hair.

Again, I remind anyone who wants to do a style they see on the site, please print the image and take it to your local beauty supply to match the hair type.

I have seen wet and wavy hair used and it's styled finished appearance is very similar to what's in the pic, so I suppose it depends on who does it.

Beyonce's hair
by: Chantel

Its a full lace wig.. and I believe it came curled like that && those curls are not wet & wavy type curls. Also, wet & wavy hair by zury is nice & natural looking at first but won't last you long at all it gets lots of tangles and dries out very bery quickly but its nice for the first 2 or 3 weeks that its in! p.s. DO NOT i repeat DO NOTTT straighten wet & wavy by zury hair.. you will have to take you weave out and put a new weave in.. it doesnt go back to its nice wet & wavy form after that.. and it stays tangles no matter what you do to it!!!!.. so Do Not do that!!

The hair is call Jerri Curl / Lugos hair nyc
by: Felice

It called Jerri Curl ( not to be confused with the one you spray with oil) and only one place in nyc has it its called Lugos. It is only worn this way and can not be blown out. Its not wet and wavy. The price is 35 per ounce and is actually the most expensive weave you can get. I have had this hair for almost 2 years from Lugos and can wash and re-wash and put in with no problem.. It is the exact same hair your seeing in that pic.

Weave Hair Controversy!
by: Camille

It seems like we have lots of opinions on what type of weave hair this is!

Here's what everyone's guessing so far:

- Wet and Wavy
- Afro Spiral
- Lace Wig
- Jerri Curl

Let me just say that I personally have no idea what the hair in the image is actually called since hair selection isn't my strong point. But I think we can all agree that it does look fabulous.

Maybe we should try to get in touch with Beyonce and ask her straight to settle this once and for all. :)

What do you think?

Problem Solved
by: Perl

Ok so I called a salon in NY and asked about this specific photo and they said they were well aware of it. It IS the Jherri curl and it's sold in the lengths 8-14 inches. it cost $35 per ounce.

Camille's Comment:

Thanks for verifying this for us!

It's a LACE WIG.
by: Anonymous

LOL! In this picture BEYONCE is wearing a LACE WIG! TRUST ME! I AM A HAIRSTYLIST and I have installed many wigs like this. LOOK CLOSELY AT HER SCALP AND FOREHEAD.

Camille's Comment:

Thanks for your input Anonymous. One more opinion to add to the box. :)

I'm convinced now that the only way to find out what this is is to ask Beyonce herself since every weave junkie/expert on here is positive that they're right. LOL

by: prttyndn

This conversation is 2 funny!!!!

Camille's Comment:

Girl I agree. This particular thread has me rolling every time. :)

Milky Way Looks Identical To This!

I personally don't know the exact hair Beyonce is wearing in this picture but I do know for a fact that Milky Way has hair that's 100% identical to this and the name of it is Brazilian Curl. It's about $30.00 a pack so it's not that expensive and it also lasts super long. I bought this hair about 2 months ago and have been able to wash it over and over again with no problems.

I hope I've helped somebody. :)

Camille's Comment:

Thank you so much. I'm sure someone will benefit from this information!

by: Bonita Applebum

Just got a wet and wavy weave yesterday. It's so big lol. How do I tame it?

First Time using Wet and Wavy Weave
by: Cassie

Hi, I was gonna do wet and wavy for a banquet I was going to.
-is there other names for this hair?
-how do you take care of synthetic wet and wavy weave?
-how do you keep the waviness in the hair?
thank you :)

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