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Wet And Wavy Weave Styles?

by Laterria
(Nashville, TN)

Q: This is going to be my freshman yeah of high school and I'm getting wet and wavy weave. I want to know some styles I can wear with it.

Can you please help me?

A: Hi there. First I'd like to say congrats on starting your first year of high school and I wish you all the best with your studies!

The simple answer to this question is that any style you could imagine doing with your hair you can do with the weave in (as long as the tracks aren't showing).

Some options you'll have are:

- All down
- Half up, half down
- High ponytail
- Low ponytail
- Bun
- French Twist
- Several combinations of these

Your imagination is the only thing holding you back.

Have fun in school and study hard!

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