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Weave Glue Caused Bald Edges!

Q: Hi I need desperate advice! Weave glue caused my edges to be pulled out. The front of my head is shiny!

Help me, I'm scared but I cant stop wearing my weave because everyone will see my bald patches!

What do I do? Help me please!

A: I'm really sorry to hear about what's going on with your hair and scalp.

You can repair it and have the hair grow back but you're going to have to make some serious changes and have patience while the hairline grows back in.

The first thing you need to do is stop getting your weave put in with glue. You can still wear hair extensions if you want to but stick to methods that are easier on your hair and scalp like a quick weave or a lace front wig.

I know the lacefront wigs aren't the cheapest thing in the world but they look great and don't damage your own hair so it's a worthwhile investment.

You need to give your hair a break from anything that could possibly stress your scalp out.

Then it might help to start using something to stimulate new growth around your edges.

One thing that works very well is Jamaican Castor oil. The dark kind that doesn't smell so wonderful (it really works though!)

Use it to massage your edges every night and over time your edges will come back.

After your hair does recover, forget about weave glue all together because using it will likely put you back to square one.

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Weave Glue Caused Bald Edges
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem and the lace front wigs is what caused it. Is there an alternative to that sticky lace wig bond?

Weave, Glue And Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

The same thing happened to me with the weave and glue.

When I part my hair on the right I have a bald patch and when I part it down in the middle it's the same thing, a big shiny ball patch.

Can I use the same thing or no? Please help, I'm crying and going crazy!

Hair Loss From Quick Weave
by: wanetta

I need help. I was wearing quick weaves and it took my hair out at the edges right at the forehead. What can I use to help grow my hair back please?

Bald Spots From Weave Glue
by: Anonymous

Help! I have bald spots all over. Edges, center, back of my head because of weave glue. What can I do to get my hair back. It was past my neck now just bald all over. I know it takes time but this wig is hot.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure!
by: Camille

To the four ladies who commented above, please stop using all forms of glue in your hair. This goes for anyone who notices bald spots developing from current glue use, be it from regular tracks, quick weaves or lace fronts.

Wigs worn occasionally will not completely damage your hair and if applied (and removed)correctly should not damage your hair at all.

If you tend to wear wigs 24-7 as if they are your own hair, find a style you can wear with your own hair or with a hairpiece that doesn't require glue application to give your hair a break from time to time.

Truth be told ANY hairstyle that's worn the exact same way all the time cam be damaging to your hair and scalp.

To help your hair grow back in the bald spots, discontinue the use of glue applications, keep your scalp clean and healthy, take a good vitamin and use Jamaican Castor Oil on your scalp to help nourish it and promote new growth.

Last but not least, once your hair recovers be very careful with glue in the future and have it applied and removed by professionals only.Limit wearing those styles when you want a special look they can help you achieve.

When it becomes an everyday thing it usually ends up becoming a problem.

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