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Weave And A Big Forehead

by Kia
(Rock Hill, SC)

That's me with the jeans jacket on

That's me with the jeans jacket on

Q: I have a big forehead I think, my hair line is a little further back and I have a round face.

My question is I want a curly hair style or weave and I am trying to figure out which curls and what hairstyle with the curls will look right for me I mean most curly hairstyles have hair going back or the part in the middle.

A: Girl, I shouldn't even be answering this crazy question, but I will! LOL!

First of all your forehead isn't big at all. I don't know who's face you're seeing when you look in the mirror but it certainly can't be yours!

You have such a gorgeous smile I hardly doubt anyone will be focusing on anything else.

I think a (medium sized curls) curly style where the bottom of the curls fall exactly the length of your hair as it is in this picture would look great on you.

You'll look very cute and sassy...even more than you already do anyway!

Lovely group photo by the way, thanks for sharing. :)

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