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Transitioning Hairstyle Ideas

by Camara Clarke
(North West, England)

I need a some transitioning hairstyle ideas and alternatives to braids, twists, and weaves. I like to have relaxed hair but weaves and braids are repetitive and I have a flaky scalp.

My hair type is 4c but I have slightly looser curls at the front what should I do?

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Two more options...
by: Camille

When it comes to transitioning black hair there aren't tons of things you can do.

Because of the two textures of hair going on the likelihood of your hair breaking goes way up vs if you're constantly getting a relaxer and have an even texture from roots to ends.

That's why styles like braids, weaves and twists are recommended. These styles (while don't require the constant combing and styling that hair that's left out needs.

To switch it up you could also try some other styles.

- Drawstring ponytails
- Rod sets on your hair to make it curly.
- Lace wigs (one of our forum members posted some fantastic pictures of her wigs and you literally can't tell that it's not her hair!)
- Quick weaves
- Last but not least...the old faithful BUN!

Bottom line here is that when you're transitioning the key to not looking crazy while you're doing it is to wear styles that require less combing and upkeep.

It's not the most glamorous thing...but hey it works. And once you do your big chop you can go back to styling your hair however you want.

Have you ever tried tea tree oil for your scalp? Add a few drops to some olive oil and massage your scalp a few times and week and it'll help a lot!

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