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This Acne Just Came On My Face

by Kim
(New Haven, CT)

My skin just isn’t the same any more. It doesn’t glow and it’s not clear. I stopped drinking soda, I eat right and work out and I don’t know what else to try. It’s been like this for one year now and my skin is dry with big acne bumps all over my face. I even have dull skin with blackheads all over. Can you help me?

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Can you give me more info?
by: Camille

Hi Kim,

I’m really sorry to hear about your acne troubles. It’s bad to start out with but when you having darker skin we have to deal with all the spots that get left behind after the acne clears.

I can tell you that what you don’t want to do is to start using all sorts of products to dry out your skin or over do it on the “trying stuff”.

All that will succeed in doing is irritating your skin and making it produce too much oil which is just as bad as your skin being too dry.

Can you tell me a little bit about what you use on your skin now?

I can’t really give you any meaningful help without knowing what type of regimen you’re following now.

I’m waiting for your response!

Curing Acne
by: Dale

Most likely the source of your acne is in your food or in something you are putting into your body. What is your normal diet like? Do you take any inorganic prescriptions? You should eliminate and avoid them as much as possible. You should avoid most acne treatments, particularly those that containing ingredients with names that you cannot pronounce. You should drink water that is as pure as possible and refrain from taking many showers. Don't drink or smoke. Absolutely everything that makes contact with your body should be as natural as possible. You should start by consuming and applying only lemon, pure honey, extra virgin olive oil, and apple cider vinegar. Afterward, slowly and cautiously expand your diet to include healthful items. I suggest you observe your immediate environment and research detoxification. Also, providing more specific details concerning your situation will allow responders to provide pinpoint feedback.

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