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Thinning Temple Area

Organic Castor Oil

Organic Castor Oil

Q: How do I get my hair to grow in my temple area?

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Hope For Your Thinning Hairline
by: Camille

A: The thinning of the temples is something I’m very familiar with.

All through high school and college I wore braids on and off because I loved how easy they were. At the time I thought tight braids were the best so needless to say my hairline started fading away.
I grew it back and have a full hairline now.

What helped?

1. I stopped braiding as much and I when I did I made sure they didn’t do it tight.
2. When I got my relaxers done I’d have my edges done last so they wouldn’t be over processed.
3. I didn’t brush and comb my hairline a lot. If it got a little unruly I’d gel it and tie it down (works like a charm!).

After you start doing all these things, the best help to help re-grow a thinning temples is massaging the area every day with Organic Castor Oil.

If you can get your hands on some all you have to do is warm it up a little bit (not too hot to burn yourself). Dip your finger tips into it and massage it into your scalp.

Adding a few drops of essential oils to it can cut the smell and if you use tea tree oil it will help to stimulate your scalp circulation too.

If you can tell me more about what caused the thinning in your have I can give you even more specific tips to help out.

thinning temple area

hey, this is not really a comment but a question.i have really bad thinning around my entire hairline from pulling my pony tails too tightly and from overprocessing with relaxers.i recently went natural and now i'm trying to regrow my hairline badly other than using castor oil is there anything else i can do to aid growth?

Question for young black male
by: Deondra

Hi im a young guy who has hair loss at the temple and have been trying minoxodil and several other products on my hair desperately to grow it back only to see no progress this is very expensive would like to find a way to grow hair back thanks

Traction alopecia and hormones...
by: Camille

To the first question posted...Your hair loss is caused by traction alopecia which happens when hairs are pulled so tight that they come loose from the roots. Depending on how long you've been wearing the tight braids and how much damage was done to your hair roots growing it back could take anywhere from a few weeks to a year.

The key to seeing the thin areas fill out for you are to stop wearing any and all tight braids and treat your hairlines very gently.

You can also look into taking a good multivitamin (or a quality hair vitamin) and using a scalp stimulating line of hair products like Organic root stimulator. They have serums that work well to get the hairs growing again.

To the young man with the thinning hair. Your situation is a bit different because it sounds like your hair loss is being caused by hormones. You've probably inherited a gene from one of your parents that predisposes you to hair loss.

That being the case, it's way outside the scope of my knowledge since it's a biological thing and not caused by anything you're doing or not doing to your hair.

If you really want to do something about it I would visit and check out some of the suggestions they offer for men with thinning hair. I think they offer a free information product that you can get for more information.

I'd save the money on the over the counter stuff.

I get to understand that they don't work that well and end up costing you a lot (like you said before).

Hair Thining
by: Anonymous

will hormone theraphy cause thining hair in the temple areas

Thin temple hair due to braids
by: Tanya

The hair around my temple has been thin for so many years that I've lost track. I wore braids in my younger days for years. Now, I have let the perm go and use a texturizer. My hair is also thinning around the crown. I believe the years of perms cause that. Is there anything at this point that I can possibly use to make my hair grow back? I've tried numerous products and nothing has worked thus far.
Virginia Beach

Bring Back Thing Edges
by: Trina

(This is a question) I have had problems for years.. I love 2 change my hair all the time. Braids, weave.. A lot of ponytails.. They grow back but not full... So I start wearing caps (wigs) all the time. It helps a little but also thin more.. See I have long hair but my (temple/edges) area are bad.. So I wear a lot of sow in 2 cover it up.. I wanna be free from that and wear my hair down all the time (most of the time) I read the comment about the heating of the oil (will that work) I have been lazy on massage and brushing I need ((HELP))

Camille's Answer:

I know it's hard to accept but to help you hair grow back in you're going to HAVE to stay away from all the weaves, braids and everything else that caused the thinning in the first place.

The massages with oils and staying away from the bad things plus time is the only thing that will help your hair come back in fully.

You don't need to brush your edges too much if thinning is an issue for you because that can actually cause your hair to get thinner at the point of weakness.

Just get rid of all the "extra hair" find a way to wear your hair that you feel comfortable with, give your hair a "break" and let it rest and your scalp breathe as much as you can. Massage with Castor oil a few times a week and in a couple months you'll start to see a difference.

When you do, just don't go back to the old bad habits or your progress will reverse.

Thinning Temples Help
by: Anonymous

Last year in June, I stopped wearing lace fronts. The reason why is because my hairstylist did an install and glued the lacefront to the edges of my hair (instead of just telling me she did not know how to install). When I took it off my hair was weak and it obviously had removed some hair.

After that I decided to just get a less complicated weave and another stylist relaxed my hair. this is when the hair at the temples started thinning. I went back for a touch-up and they thinned out more. At this point I decided to leave my hair alone and just grow it out and transition to natural hair instead of dealing with all this mess.

The problem is that now the hair at my temples is just starting to grow back and it's a slow growth. I am wearing weaves with a leave out to cover the thin edges and deep condition the hairline once a week. I do use glue but only on the leave-out and it's liquid gold glue. Is there anything else that I can do?

I would love to wear all my hair out while I am transitioning but am ashamed of my edges.

Camille's Answer:

I'm sorry to hear about your thinning issues. This is one of the most unfortunate things about going to a salon to get your hair done. You just don't know who is taking care of your hair and what they know and don't know about proper techniques.

Good thinking on your part to just abandon the weaves and relaxers in favor of giving your hair and scalp a break.

The only thing you can do at this point is to continue caring for your hair and scalp with regular washing and conditioning and give it time for your edges to grow back.

Two things you could look into growth is doing a regular scalp massage on your edges with organic Castor oil and also taking hair vitamins to help speed growth.

Don't be ashamed of your hair. Just love it, take care of it and it will grow back with time.

Perm Burned My Temples Out
by: Anonymous

When I was in high school(c/o 93)I got a perm one day. I have always had thick hair and the only thing that could ever get my hair straight was Bantu(yeah bantu).

The perm was left on to long one day, and when it was all over I had no hair on the sides(temples). I was so mad and crying.

It never really bother me after all these years, but I would like to do something about it now if possible b/c I have been wearing my hair natural since graduating high school. I will twist it, braid it, or rock an afro. But I like to take my twist down after about a week, and just wear it untwisted. Doing this style you can see I am bald on the side unless I loosen up my twist.

Can you please help me?

Camille's Answer:

I am so sorry to hear about your hair. It sounds like you suffered some serious scalp damage from your relaxer mishap.

The hair should have grown back by now in those thin spots if this happened several years ago.

If the scalp is smooth and shiny in the bald patches it means that the follicles were permanently damaged and more than likely the hair will not grow back without some sort of hair replacement in those areas.

If you can confirm that this is the case I can help you look for a scalp specialist so you can get more information.

Thin Temple Area With Dreadlocks
by: Anonymous


I?ve been wearing dreadlocks for about 6 years; the length of my hair is down to the middle of my back.

For years I took on the habit of twisting my temple locks, by doing this I?ve noticed severe thinning in my temple areas, I know now that I caused this problem.

For the past year I have avoided twisting my temple area, and treating these areas with over the counter temple growth pomades. Should I stick to natural products? My hair line is growing back very slowly, so I tend to cover these areas, can I rule out damage hair follicles, because I think I damaged my hair follicle by twisting too tightly. Please help.

Camille's Answer:

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're having with thinning temples. My sister has very long dreadlocks that she always gets styled and occasionally she also has issues with her hairline thinning a bit.

The first solution is obvious, which is try not to twist the hair at the front of your head too much.

The good news is that since your hair follicles aren't damaged the hair will grow back in over time. The speed that that happens though is something you're going to have to contend with.

Either you wait and let nature take its course as far as growth speed goes, or investigate some hair vitamins that will encourage the hair to grow out faster.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a very good natural remedy to help grow in thin edges and to thicken up hair in general.

As for sticking with natural vs man made products, in your case I would stick with what gives me results!

Give the castor oil a try and give the twisting a break and you will see great improvements.

Thinning Hair Caused By Weaves And Braids
by: Anonymous


I wear my hair braided up and the weave sewed in and I tend to pull my hair up every time I get it done. I've realized recently that my temple areas are starting to thin.

Is there a way I can get regrow my hair before it gets bald?

Camille's Answer:

There are three important things you can do to help your hair grow back.

1. Stop wearing all weaves and braids and give your hair a break.

2. Start a regimen of washing and deep conditioning once a week and massaging your scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil 3-4 times a week.

3. When your hairlines starts to grow back in if you want to wear braids and weaves again leave out the hairline or get the braids and weave done and wear it in a way that is non damaging to your hairline.

It will grow back in time but you have to stop doing what made the hair come out, give your hairline TLC while it grows back and never go back to the bad habits again.

Good luck!

HELP thining temple and damaged hair!!!
by: Anonymous

I wore braids most of my life until recently. The temple area of my hair is severely thinned out and there are some bald spots, I?m guessing from the braider putting in or taking out braids. Also, it seems that the rest of my hair was damaged from continuously braiding; it is significantly shorter than before.

I have used over the counter creams such as Dr miracle temple growth, however it is not working for me. I have also seen a dermatologist and received a low dosage of steroid injection in my temple region but no result as well.

Can you provide any remedy, regimen, over the counter products or anything else that can aid in stimulating growth in my temple region and the rest of my hair??

Camille's Comment:

I'm so sorry to hear about your hair issues.

Please read the comments I made above where I've given tips and product suggestions. Follow them and your hair will grow back.

Thinning Hair Line From Braids And Weaves
by: Anonymous

Question: Thinning Hair Line From Braids And Weaves

Hello, I am an African living in West Africa, and I do a lot of weaves and braids.

Recently I have realized that my hair line is thinning and I have lost a few of my temple hair.

I want to know if the hair vitamins work and doesn't have any ugly side effects. Secondly I want to know if I can use any Castor oil apart from the organic one because I can't find that to buy. What about single nettle tincture oil? Please advise.

Camille's Answer:

Hair vitamins do work (once they're good quality) and they don't cause any side effects. Vitamins are natural substances and whatever your body can't use will be excreted.

One thing to remember though is to give it about 3 months with the vitamins before you decide if it's working or not. It takes time to see results!

As for the Castor oil, natural organic is best but if you can't find it I would try something else.

I don't know anything about single nettle tincture oil, but if it's something that's available to you that been known to help hair growth I would try it for a few months and see if you notice improvements. You know what they say...nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Hair Style Solutions
by: Anonymous

Its so hard to find a hairstyle to wear that don't encourage further damage.
the hairline is so important in most hairstyles, both sides of my hairline are damaged and I just don't know what to do to give my hair a break and encourage the temples to grow back. I need a style that the wind cant lift and expose the bald patches. Ideally I want to go back to being natural and grow it out by putting my hair in braids, but even that has its concerns. how can I wear braids and cover the patches without encouraging further loss. I'm also using temple balm and have booked an appointment to see a dermatologist but progress is so slow. I've been experiencing this for eight years.

Camille's Comment's:

First I want to say congrats on considering going natural to solve your hair problems. It's not for everyone, but many black women with hair falling and scalp issues would benefit greatly from giving up relaxers or at least getting them a lot less frequently.

As for the braids, I have grown my hair out with braids many times in my life and except for the first time (when I didn't know what I was doing) I've never had an issue with thinning hair or scalp.

Braids aren't then issue, how you put them in, care for them and take them out is.

All long as you keep the following things in mind you'll be fine...

1. Use good quality braiding hair like Kanekalon or if you can afford it, human hair.

2. Wash and deep condition your hair a few times before you get the braids put in.

3. Don't...DO NOT....NEVER put your braids in tightly. Contrary to popular belief tight braids don't last longer, they just pull out your hair and cause bald spots.

4. Don't wear your braids longer than 6-8 weeks before you take them out and have them redone.

5. Always deep condition before you have the next set put in.

6. When you remove the braids be careful not to rip your hair out and completely detangle your hair before you wash it or you'll end up with one big dreadlock.

Use these tips and you can safely grow out your hair with braids without any issues whatsoever.

my almost non-existant hairline
by: Tiesha

I have been suffering for most of my life with a very thin hairline.IT ALL STARTED 14 years ago when a relative relaxed my hair for the first time.After that my hair was left to break up and fall off.I had to wear braids and that caused my hairline to thin out.

I JUST GAVE UP on my hair and started wearing a lot of glue in weaves which further damaged my hair.That was in my teen years,now as an adult my hair is thin and my hairline even worse.

Just recently I looked at videos on you tube about doing the big chop and going natural and I did about a month ago and so far my natural hair is starting to grow back nicely but thicker mostly on top my head,yet I still struggle with the hairline.Any suggestions please?

I use organic root stimulator serum and I massage with the oil from vitamin E 1000 capsules.It`s growing real slow but there`s a little bald spot on the right side of my hairline from all the recent pulling.

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