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Texturizer On Transitioning Hair

by Zhiare J.

Q: I have been transitioning for about 7 months and my hair grows at a decent speed so I have a lot of new growth.

I am not going to cut it though. I had went to sally's to try out a few hair products and I picked up a texturizer.

Before using it I wanted to find out some things about it. To know if its like a perm but it looses your curls. Is that o.k. or should I not do it.

I don't want to risk all my hard work. Thanks to anyone who answers this.

A: Hi Zhiare. I would really recommend that you DO NOT try to apply a texturizer to your hair at home if you don't know what you're doing.

If going natural is your intention you shouldn't do it at all because it does alter the structure of your hair. A texturizer is like a watered down relaxer.

You can run the risk of processing your hair so much that is gets too straight and you'll basically have to start over.

Also even if it works you'll be once again caught up in the cycle of having to use something in your hair every 6-8 weeks. Is that really what you want?

Something to think about....

If you do want a texturizer done, I'd take the kit to a professional who's experienced with the process and have them apply it just to be on the safe side.

My Recommendation For You

If you want your hair to have a more uniformed look while it's growing out (without using chemicals) I highly recommend you either start doing braid outs, twist outs or rod sets on your hair.

These styles help to disguise the fact that your hair has two textures and they're also "no comb" styles for a week or two depending on how well you maintain them.

Check out these two pages for more info on each style.

Rod Setting With Flexi Rods
Braid Out Instructions
Twist Out Instructions

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