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Styling The Front Of Hair With Weave

Q: I have a weave for the first time in my life.

Some of my hair is left out in the front once heat or water hit it it looks terrible.

I have a perm. What can I do to keep the part of my own hair as straight as possible?

A: The important thing to remember about weave is that you need to try and match the texture of the hair you are putting in to your own hair so it always blends as seamlessly as possible.

When you hair is wet it's always going to look different than the weave hair.

They key for you is keeping your hair in the same state as the weave hair as much as possible.

if your weave hair is straight and has a relaxed look, you're going to need to flat iron the front of your hair smoothly to blend in with the rest.

If the hair you use is curly, you're going to need to either crimp or find some other way to make the front if your hair match the rest of the hair.

Try to keep your hairline from getting wet (unless you are washing it) and try not to go with styles where the texture of the hair is very different than what you're already working with.

If you do you're just begging for trouble and tons of hard work.

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