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Styling Short Hair Quickly

Q: How can I quickly style my short hair?

It's relaxed and short on the sides and I end up bumping it every morning just so it looks right.

It is too short to wrap completely around my head so I tie it down at night and it's flat to my head when I get up.

Please help!

A: I hate to be the one to tell you this but unless you can master the art of sleeping with your chin propped up on your hand you're likely gonna have to keep on fussing with your hair in the morning.

If you wear the "bumped" look and you can't seem to keep the basic style together at night you can try one of two things.

1. Spend a little more time before you go to bed putting in some of the very small magnetic rollers and hair pins right on top where you usually bump so you still have the lift in the morning but you don't end up having to use the iron daily.

2. Rock a Josephine Baker look and wet wrap your hair let it dry that way and don't comb it out.

The second choice is easier to deal with sleeping because you just have to tie your silk or satin scarf around your head at night and in the morning you're golden.

At the end of the day though having to mess with your hair more than you'd like is one of the "challenges" of rocking a short hair style.

Luckily the payoff is that of course, you are seen as a sassy lady!

Hope this helps and let me know how it turns out if you try one of these methods.

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Going Bald Fast
by: Anonymous

My hair is coming out bad in the top and on the sides. It's always been very thin I could never style it or do any thing with it. I'm very unhappy and I want my hair back.

I can hardly get a ponytail and that was never an issue before. I've talked to other woman who are having this problem. I'm on medication and over 45. Is this something related to menopause.

Camille's Comments:

It's very possible that your hair loss is related to menopause, the medication you're taking or several other factors. Unfortunately I'm not a medical professional so I'm not in a position to offer any advice on your situation. I'd consult with a medical doctor or a skin and hair specialist to see what can be done.

All the best to you.

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