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Simple Non Damaging Hair Styles

by Over 40

Q: Hi....I am looking for a simple everyday style that is non damaging to the hair.

My hair is medium length and I am also beginning to work on regrowing my hair in the temples back in.

Thank You

A: Hi there. The simplest everyday non damaging styles are buns, ponytails and (wrapped) bobs.

You don't need to do any excessive comb and brush styling or use any extra heat (which is very damaging). If you don't have one already please invest in a quality bonnet dryer. It will be your number ONE tool in the quest for healthy hair.

This of course is assuming you have relaxed hair, which you didn't say.

For the bun or ponytail, if your hair isn't doing much for length you can always invest in two of my favourite decoy's which are a "faux bun" or a "phony pony". These are beautiful, very easy to use and almost completely undetectable if you get the right color and texture.

If your hair is natural, the simplest styles are twists and wash, shake and go (the name speaks for itself!).

To spice up any style you choose use accessories like headbands and scarves you can tie as headbands. They'll also help to "hide" your hairline as you nurse it back to health. :)

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