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Should I Use Astringent In The Winter If I Have Oily Skin?

by CB

Question: Should I Use Astringent In The Winter If I Have Oily Skin?

I am a 20 year old college student and my freshman year I was a little more active than I am this year so my skin looked so great last yr but I'm getting back on my exercise regimen for the new year.

My skin has always tended to be a bit oily and I was wondering if I should still use an astringent/toner after washing my face in the winter? I also take Biotin & Vitamin B6 everyday.


Camille's Answer:

Hi CB. It sounds like you take good care of yourself and that's wonderful.

To answer your question, winter weather tends to dry everything out, including skin and some people notice their oily skin isn't as oily during this time of the year.

If that's you, using an astringent becomes less important than it would be in the summer.

The best way to judge though is to take a look at your skin 30 minutes after you washing.

Does it still feel oily or look shiny?


Does it feel dry and look cracked/ashy?

Maybe it's even somewhere in between and looking normal.

Always let your skin be your guide and no matter what time of year it is remember that you don't have to use astringent if your skin doesn't really need it.

Happy New Year and hope this helps! :)

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