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Short Hair With Excessive Dandruff

by Rene
(Rockledge, FL)

I have short hair with excessive dandruff and I've been wearing a weave for almost two years. I use bonding glue and remove the weave once a week.

I wash, condition and perm my own hair. I know this is not the best thing to do for my hair, but I did not want a real short haircut and my hair is in between short and medium length. I now want a weave done without bonding glue.

Which kind is the best for me? Should I get a weave that has the hair attached to a cap. I really don't want anything that resembles a wig.

Please help!

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A Quick Weave Is Best
by: Camille

I must say that you're one of the few people I know of that change their bonded weave regularly which is actually better than leaving it in for weeks on end and patching it up with glue when it gets loose.

Since you have a dandruff issue a weave that's easy to take off is best for you so I'd definitely have to recommend a quick weave.

As far as weaves go the sewn in type is best for hair health and growth but because you need to wash your hair and scrub your scalp that wouldn't make too much sense for you.

I know you say you don't want to get something that looks like a wig and a quick weave is technically a wig because it's removable. However if you look at some of the quick weaves out there you'll see that they look great and if you get one that suits your style and face it will look just like a regular weave if not better.

The best part about the quick weave is that you can wash and condition your hair any time you want and wear your hair protected and tucked away underneath it all and give it a well deserved break from all the styling and other things it has to go through all the time.

Lastly, don't feel bad about doing your hair at home. The only service I used to have at a salon was a relaxer and that's only because I tried to do it myself but wasn't fast enough on my own head.

You go girl. More power to you for taking your hair into your own hands (just make sure you're protecting your skin and following the recommended time limits).

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