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Scalp Irritation And Relaxers

by Debbi

Scalp Irritation And Relaxers


Should I get a much needed relaxer if I have a bump or mosquito bite on my scalp?

Camille's Answer:

Hi Debbi. I know how hard it can be to go on any longer when you're in serious need of a touch up but please, do NOT get a relaxer with the skin on your scalp broken.

At best you might get a partial relaxer because it'll have to get washed out too soon from the burning.

At worst you'll end up with a severely irritated scalp that could lead to infection and maybe worse (I've seen some horrible things when it comes to sore scalps).

I'd really implore you not to take the chance.

What You Can Do

Wash and deep condition your hair with heat to soften up the roots do they're manageable. Then do a braid out or rod set so you don't have to comb your hair for a week.

Take some peroxide on a cotton bud and touch it against the sore spot twice a day for a few days and it will heal right up.

Hope this helps!

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