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Safe Hair For Applying Braids

by Shell
(Chicago, IL)

Q: I want to put braids in my daughter hair, but her hair is soft and spongy. Is there a type of hair I can use that will not take her natural hair out.

A: This is a very good question and one a lot of women don't think about before getting their hair braided.

There are many different types of hair that you can use to braid hair, but there's only one type you should stay far away from and that's the cheap plastic hair.

There are human and synthetic types of hair that you can use and will both work fine but there is a synthetic hair that is totally plastic and will cut the hair up that it is used on.

The best type of synthetic hair to use is Kanekalon fiber. It's very much like human hair but without the expense.

As added insurance, I would pre-treat the hair by dipping it in a mixture of hot water and vinegar and then a mixture of water hot and conditioner.

The first treatment removes any chemical residue that may be on the hair and the second helps to soften the hair so it will be extra gentle on the natural hair.

Last but not least, whoever is going to braid your daughters hair needs to be very gentle and not pull the braids very tight in an attempt to make the style "last longer".

If it get's fuzzy just have it re-done. Never sacrifice a hairline to save a few bucks!

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