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Relaxer and Permanent Dye - Is My Hair Going To Fall Out?

Aphogee Products

Aphogee Products

Q: I relaxed my hair and I used a permanent dye two hours later is anything going to happen to my hair?

A: Please tell me why you never posted here before you did that? :)

I don't think your hair will fall out because of what you did but it will likely get VERY dry after a while and you might also suffer from breakage. It might not show up immediately either.

To counteract the possible negative effects of this double process you need to start doing some intensive protein and moisturizing conditioners to your hair every time you wash.

Stay away from flat irons, blow dryers and any other direct heat and make sure to use a leave in conditioner on your hair after you wash.

Never ever double process your hair.

If you want highlights get colored tracks put in, or use a temporary rinse to add "tone" to your hair. Even a few streaks of color aren't that bad, but never put a permanent color over a relaxer...

You'll just be begging for trouble!

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I did this more than once..I need help..i didnt know
by: Anonymous

I used a permanent color and a perm twice before. Now I have major breakage and driness. Please suggest some actual products i can use to turn back this terrible thing i have done to my hair.

by: Camille

The best thing you can use to repair your hair is the Aphogee reconstructor.

Please get it at your nearest beauty supply store and it they don't have it there get it online.

Be sure to follow the instruction and use the moisturizing conditioner after the reconstructor because if you don't it could actually have a very negative effect on your hair.

Check out their website for more info on the products.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Gray
by: fonda12

I have a relaxer in my hair and I used a permanent dye two weeks later. What so I use instead to get rid of the gray?

Camille's Answer:

You could consider using a rinse but I know that might not be the most efficient thing because it washes out really quickly.

One important thing with grays is to try not to get rid of it completely because you'll be fighting a losing battle. Ask your colorist to blend your gray's away and make them less noticable with highlights.

That way you don't have to be chasing down every single tiny gray hair and as it grows out it looks a whole lot better.

Not Necessarily
by: miki

I have done both for years, however I never do them the same day or week. It depends on a number of factors such as the condition and texture of your hair. Did you want to lighten your hair? That would be the only reason to use a permanent hair color.

I have type 3 hair so I relax my hair 2 to 3 times a year, but I tint it every 3 to 4 weeks to cover the gray. It is more important to me to color the gray and lighten my hair to a medium brown. I usually shampoo/set my hair on rollers and get under a hair dryer or flat Iron occasionally.

Keep the heat off your hair as much as possible and deep condition every time. I use Nutress Protein Pack and Stop Break Leave in Conditioner. Sometimes I use their Foam Wrap to set or flat iron. I let my hair air dry mostly, then blow dry with wide tooth comb. Then I flat iron. This works for me.

If you relax your hair more often than I do, you should stick to highlights so if you get breakage it will only be the strands that are highlighted.

Camille's Comments:

Excellent points miki. When I used to color my relaxed hair I stuck to highlights only and just what you said happened and the highlighted parts broke off.

After that I used tracks whenever I wanted to add some color. It looked great and didn't damage my own hair at all. Great alternative for a lady wanting color and healthy hair!

How Long To Wait To Dye After Relaxing?
by: Anonymous

How long should I wait to dye my hair after relaxing? I really want to dye my hair and I just relaxed it two months ago.

Also, what type of dying product should I use permanent or semi?

Camille's Answer:

The general rule is that you don't color relaxed hair and you don't relax colored hair (if you want it to stay very healthy).

The best way to color relaxed hair is with a semi-permanent rinse because this doesn't need peroxide to bring color into the hair.

If you're trying to go blonde this won't work of course because rinses make your hair vibrant or darker but not lighter.

If you do use permanent color or bleach in your hair the best thing is to wait at least a month after you've had your hair relaxed and do a lot of deep conditioning treatments before and after the color application to keep your hair strong.

Also, try to do streaks instead of a full head bleach/dye job so that if your hair does become badly damaged you won't lose it all.

Damaged hair from relaxer and bleach.
by: Anonymous

I relaxes my hair and i have bleached highlighted. Is my hair going to fall out?!

Camille's Answer:

Well that all depends really.

1. Are you treating your hair regularly with protein and moisture?
2. How often are you doing these highlights and relaxers?
3. Do you notice that your hair is damaged or has little pieces breaking off when you comb and brush it?

There's a 50/50 chance of your hair being relatively healthy or becoming damaged if you have a relaxer and bleach in at once.

If your hair is thick and can handle it you night not have too many issues, but if your hair is fine and thin more than likely that would be too much for it and it will start to break off on the bleached sections over time.

The best thing you can do is really ramp it up with the conditioning treatments and moisturizing daily. Also, stay away from heat styling tools which can dry out your hair even more and make it prone to breakage.

In the future I recommend getting a few tracks put in with the highlight color you want rather than bleaching your own hair. That way you get style and you get to keep your hair healthy.

Hair Falls Out
by: Anonymous

Yes! Your hair will fallout if you get a relaxer and a permanent color in the same day without a doubt.

I think you should wait a last two weeks after three weeks just be safe. This incident happened to my mother.

Camille's Comment:

Hi there. I don't think the poster meant doing the two processes on the same day but rather wearing the two different chemical applications in the same head of hair period.

You are right though, it's bad enough to have both at the same time much less have them both done on the same day.

Very bad news.

If you have a relaxer DO not put permanent color in your hair and if you have a color do not do a relaxer. Doing both for most peoples hair is asking for trouble.

More of a Question
by: Anonymous

I permed my hair beginning of March and I wash my hair every week b/c I have very bad dandruff issues. I also colored my hair last Friday on April 2nd. My hair is in need a perm badly.

When can I perm it next and what should I expect?

Every time I wash my hair I use hair mayo, reconstructing conditioner and I think moisturizing conditioner. So I know I'm moisturizing it very well.

The color I put in did not take well or its not bright enough and I was going to streak it but I don't know. What are your thoughts about that as well?

I know this is a lot but I don't want to move forward and really damage my hair.

Camille's Answer:

When you have a relaxer and a color it's best to wait at LEAST 4-6 weeks before you have each process done. This gives you enough time to build your hair back up with deep conditioners.

Even if your roots are starting to feel tight and you want to get a relaxer you can definitely go longer without one. The problem is usually when you try to wear your hair like you would with a fresh perm vs when you have a bit of new growth.

Stick to curly and wavy styles like rod sets, braid outs and using flat twists at the front of your hair and you'll breeze through another few weeks before you need to straighten.

Instead of streaking your hair by bleaching it out with chemicals why not try something new...

Add a shock or color where you want it by using hair extensions in the color you want your highlights to be and having your hair dressed apply them throughout your hair to give the same effect without the damage.

tint & relax
by: Anonymous

Can my hair be damaged if I relax after tinting for 2 weeks now?

Camille's Answer:

Yes it can. The best thing to do is deep condition your hair and wait another 4 weeks before you relax your hair to make sure it's strong enough to withstand more chemicals.

What To Do?
by: teon

Two days ago I got my hair bleached it didn't come out the color I wanted so today I rinsed it a light brown almost honey blonde color but it came out too dark like a burnt orange and copper mix.

I was wondering if it would be o.k. if I used dye on top of this just to get the color I really want.

Camille's Answer:

Hi Teon, please put down the bottle of hair dye and take ten steps back!

I color my natural hair and am all for exploring with different things, but putting color....on top of color....on top of color with no breaks in between to build your hair back up is not good.

If it's another rinse (that does not have ammonia in it) that you're planning to use you can do the color, but if it's in any way permanent color wait at least 4-6 weeks and do some deep treatments before you go there. Better safe than sorry.

by: Anonymous

I have a very short hair cut and I put a perm in a wk ago but it was a mild perm instead of the regular and now it looks like I need another one already. I want to know when I can put in another one without damaging my hair.

Camille's Comments:

My mother wears her hair very short and she gets a relaxer once a month. When your hair is short and you plan to keep it that way getting a relaxer is less of a concern.

Two things I would tell you though is to make sure you base your scalp properly and use the mildest relaxer you can find if you realize you have to be perming your hair more often than "normal" (4-6 weeks).

How Long To Go Without A Perm
by: Anonymous

I relax my hair, but would it be healthier to perm my hair less, say on an average of 4 times a year?

I spoke to other girls and they said it made their hair longer. When I do my hair I'm very careful when it comes to combing my wet hair after a wash. I also use a hot oil treatment after. What do you think about this.

Camille's Comments:

Your friends are right. What they told you about is also known as "stretching" all this means is spreading out the time between relaxers.

I also used to do this when I was growing my hair long and it really helps. It prevents your hair from becoming over processed from overlapping. That keeps your hair stronger and in turn helps it grow longer.

Getting a relaxer every 3-4 months is one of the best things you could do for your hair. It doesn't matter as much if you plan on keeping your hair very short.

If you have issues going that length of time because of combing issues you can try wearing cornrow braids when it's close to when you need a perm or curly styles that don't need to be combed for at least a week.

Hope this helps!

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