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Relaxed Hair And Curl Activator

by Sharon

Will relaxed hair get any waves or curls if you put in a curl activator?

A: Hi Sharon. The short answer to this question is..."No".

A longer response is that curl activators activate curls. One your hair has been chemically straightened with a relaxer it stays straight unless it's porous and it reverts or you set it in a specific curl pattern and let it dry that way.

What curl activators can do for relaxed hair is add moisture to it. As for adding curls? Not happening.

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They do...Somewhat
by: LP

I had relaxed hair and anytime I used S-Curls activator, my hair had waves at the roots and somewhat at the ends. So I would have to disagree when you say No. It won't hurt to try it out Sharon.

Camille's Answer:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that your hair originally has a wave/curl pattern to and even after it has been straightened you can still see that pattern coming through when it is wet or very moisturized.

Some people's hair is just like that, especially if it's not relaxed bone straight (which isn't healthy for the hair either).

But to say that curl activator will make straight hair curly? I'm sorry, but that's just not true.

Curl activator activates curls, if there are no curls in the hair (natural or chemical), it's just going to behave as a moisturizer.

Relaxed hair and curl activator
by: Anonymous

A curl activator on relaxed hair does activate curls. I've done it a thousand times, especially if the hair is short.

Relaxed Hair And Curl Activator
by: Anonymous

I have to disagree with the last comment.

I had my hair bone strait about two summers ago and was able to get some nice curls by using a curl activator I bought at sally's called "Beyond The Zone's Noodle Head" Curl products, a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment and some scrunching for added definition.

It?s definitely possible to achieve. About a year and half ago I decided to stop relaxing my hair bone strait and started using Soft & Beautiful Botanical's for Sensitive Scalp; this was by far the best decision I have ever made for my hair.

My hair is so much healthier, less breakage when I have new growth (since the two textures are not polar opposites), and I have been able to retain length. I can know say I have long healthy hair (never thought I can grow my hair pass my neck), that I can wear strait or curly if I wish.

Good luck!

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