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Quick Weave Video

by R. Moore

Question: Quick Weave Video?

Can you do a quick weave without cutting the tracks. Please show me a video if you have one.

Thank you!

Camille's Answer:

Hi R. Moore. I've never personally done a quick weave (although I think they are really nice and I'm thinking about trying it out). From what I do know I'm not sure that you can do one without cutting the tracks of hair.

Take a look at this tutorial posted on youtube. The method she uses is really simple and it gives a great and very natural finished look.

Remember to always use a high quality human hair for the best results.

Hope this helps.

Comments for Quick Weave Video

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Thank you!
by: verean

Girl you are the bomb, keep up the good work. Love this video.

Camille's Comment:

Thanks a lot! Glad I could help. :)

Really Good
by: Anonymous

I've always wanted to do quick weave. It's nice to see somebody that actually knows what they're doing. Other girls with quick weaves, look tore up but I find this job to look really good! I'm coming back to practice using this video!

Camille's Comments:

Kudos to the young lady featured in the video. There are some talented women on youtube!

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