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Problems With Perm Not Lasting

by Maggie

Q: My perms are not lasting after I get them. What do I do? I don't know what is causing this.

Is it the shampoo and conditioner I use? My hair goes back to being frizzy after the week I perm it. Please help!

A: Hi Maggie. Your hair not taking the perm could be caused by several things.

1. You're using the wrong strength relaxer for your hair.

2. It's not being applied properly.

3. It's not being left on long enough.

4. Your hair is porous and the cuticle isn't being sealed properly after you get a relaxer.

5. A combination of two of more of the above.

Do you do your relaxer at home or get it done at a salon? Also can you please tell me the name of the shampoo and conditioners you use?

Please let me know and I can give you further advice on what I think you can do to solve the problem.

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What I use on my hair
by: Maggie

Hello, thank you so much for replying to my question! I didn't expect it to come so quickly!

But yes, I go to a salon to get all my perms. I have been using Silk elements for both my conditioner and shampoo.

Some suggestions
by: Camille

Hi Maggie,

You're welcome and thank you for replying quickly as well. It sound like you're having a porosity issue with your hair.

As long as your relaxer is the right strength, being applied properly and being left on long enough your hair shouldn't be reverting like that.

There is a line of products called "porosity control" that helps people with hair like yours seal the cuticle so that moisture doesn't get into the hair and cause it to curl back up as easily.

Also, it might just be a blessing that your hair doesn't get bone straight with a relaxer because that's really no good either.

Hair should have some level of elasticity in it so that it doesn't break and get damaged as easily.

What I'm suggest is that you get some sample sizes of the porosity control products from your local beauty supply and see how they work for you.

Also, to get your hair to stay straight without trying to kill it with chemicals try a "roller wrap set".

First, set your hair on rollers pulling it as taut as you can. After you hair dries, take the rollers out and wrap your hair around your head and either sit under the bonnet again for a few of go to bed like that.

In the morning when you let the wrap down your hair will be silky smooth and if it still isn't you can run a warm flat iron over it and it will be.

Check these pages for tips on how to do all of these.

How To Wrap Black Hair
How To Roller Set Hair
How To Flat Iron Hair

All is not lost! Try my suggestions and let me know what happens!

Cool! Thank you!
by: Maggie

I will definitely try that and get back to you on the results!

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