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Problems Combing Wet Hair

by Dee S.

After my hair has been conditioned and when the styling products are added, it doesn't matter what brand of product you use I can't comb through my hair.

Something has happen in the last few years and it seems like my stylist can't comb my hair when it's wet.

I have had relaxed hair for 30 years and we've tried numerous products to no avail. I had thick hair but, now I just comb it out daily.

Do you have any ideas?

A: I can start by telling you that I used to have this problem with my relaxed hair many years ago.

It seemed as thought my hair was fine before water touched it and when it did it because a tangled mess.

I know you say you've tried lots of products, but I'll tell you the things that made a difference in my hair.

1. The right method of washing black hair.

2. The products I used. (The Kera Care line works magic on my and many others hair and also Le Kair cholesterol).

3. The comb I was using. Always use a VERY wide tooth rubber comb to detangle wet hair.

4. The way I was combing my hair. Always start from the ends and work your way up to the roots in sections.

Try to incorporate some of these ideas into your hair washing routine and see if it doesn't make a difference for you.

Extra Special Tip: If you mix a dime size amount of Kera Care Leave-in with a few drops of Farouk Silk Therapy and put it in your hair before you try to detangle it the comb glides through your hair like a hot knife through butter!

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